Dallas Drug Conspiracy Defense Lawyer

Drug conspiracy charges are very serious offenses that can be charged in either state or federal court. A conviction at either level can result in severe penalties, including fines and lengthy prison terms. No matter how you were involved in the situation, even if you feel that you were not involved at all, it is important that you seek the advice of a reliable Dallas drug conspiracy defense attorney right away.

At the law office of Phillip A. Linder, we have substantial experience handling a wide variety of drug conspiracy cases. As a former prosecutor with the Dallas County District Attorney's Office, attorney Linder has a complete understanding of how his opposition prepares their cases, and he knows how to build an effective defense to match them.

Fighting To Protect Your Rights

Law enforcement officials typically cast a very wide net in their efforts to shut down a drug operation. If you have anything to do with anyone suspected of being involved in a drug conspiracy, you could find yourself facing charges in the case. Many people who are targeted in these investigations are not even aware that their friend or associate is involved in an illegal activity. Some people who face conspiracy charges think they are doing a favor for a friend, like delivering a package or picking up something from the drug store.

In order for a person to be found guilty of conspiracy, the prosecution must prove knowledge and consent. That means you had to know that something illegal was happening and that you willingly went along with it. Attorney Linder has been successful in minimizing his clients' involvement in the operation and showing that they were not aware of the illegal activity in question.

We have experience defending clients in conspiracy cases involving a broad range of drug-related crimes, including the following:

  • Drug importation
  • Drug sales
  • Drug distribution
  • Drug trafficking
  • Drug manufacturing

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